Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Second Rider, Fallen

We tarry with the Blue Riders a bit longer to celebrate the legacy of August Macke.  Not quite a decade younger than his close friend Franz Marc, this son of Westphalia was also the son of a building contractor (and amateur artist) and a farmer’s daughter.  He grew up in Cologne and Bonn.  While still a schoolboy, he became friends with another lad named Walter Gerhardt.  It sometimes happens that one’s friends have beautiful sisters and, as it sometimes happens when friends have lovely siblings, August fell in love with Walter’s sister, the pretty Elisabeth Gerhardt whom he married and whom the War To End All Wars widowed on the battlefields of Champagne not three months after the conflict began…
August, born in cold January winds and dead in September breezes, tell us the meaning behind the enigmatic title, Three Acts-- is it drama of which you wished to speak in broad strokes of color, or is it the beauty of a lovely woman come to the attention of a lover, or perhaps you meant to say to say something about life itself…

The Artist's Wife, 1909

Nude with Coral Necklace, 1911

The Russian Ballet, 1912

Zoological Garden, 1912

Landscape with Cows and Camel, circa 1912

The Sunny Way, 1913

The Milliner's Shop, 1914

View into a Lane, 1914

Three Acts, 1913



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