Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Blue Rider, Fallen

We noted World War One hastened the end of the Blue Rider circle of painters in our last installment.  Two brilliant and talented men, August Macke and Franz Marc, both Blue Riders, joined the armed forces to defend their homeland and both became-- all too soon-- casualties of conflict.  This week we celebrate Franz Marc’s legacy.  In his mid-thirties at the outbreak of the War To End All Wars, this prolific celebrant of color and form volunteered for military service.  He died at thirty-six years of age…

The Tiger, 1912

The Fate of Animals, 1913

The Waterfall, 1912

Horse Stalls, 1913

The Dream, 1912

Deer in a Monastery Garden, 1912

Two Standing Nudes with Green Rock, 1911



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