Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Great Leap Forward

The process of loading files onto the new computer (mentioned in last week's update) is almost complete and most of the associated hardware is playing nicely with the software.  Here in the United States, we are on the cusp of Memorial Day Weekend-- the official "unofficial start of Summer"-- and ready to enjoy picnics and auto races and a day at the nearest lake.  Memorial Day is, however, a solemn day at its core.  The true meaning of the day comes with the quiet services held in graveyards and on courthouse lawns across the nation as we pause to think of the men and women in our uniformed services (and in the services of our allies) lost to the horror of war.  May it be our blessing to serve as the last generation to know armed conflict and the first to know peace...

LRNArts is poised to resume its regular publication schedule next week.  Following is a hint of things to come...

George Barbier: The Judgment of Paris, 1923

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