Thursday, January 17, 2013

Postcard America: Scenes from the Drylands

In the madness of movement/We lose the center/And bid dragons enter-- Louis Nugent, "The Madness of Movement"

Commercial art troubles some who consider themselves artists...


Passions run deep on the subject.  Many of us who work in this field prefer to think of ourselves as creators of beauty, interpreters of deeper truths which we convey in a symbolic language.  But the wolf knocks on the door and we must feed ourselves and those courageous enough to stand by our side...


Thus it is that painters and photographers and novelists and poets find themselves at play in the fields of commerce.  We create illustrations to sell products like frying pans and washing machines, pen prose to capture the imagination of a slightly overweight person in Peoria in search of a dietary miracle.  Some do it grudgingly, others proudly claim their work...


Of all the fields in commercial art, one of the most spiritually rewarding may be that of the postcard maker.  He or she lures us to enchanting lands, captures scenic memories that elude our own cameras, transforms us into the envy of those left behind to trudge towards a mailbox on a frigid day...


Gray lives can peek through windows at magical worlds... all for the price of a postcard...





One very easy and inexpensive way to build a collection of work by some of today's finest painters, sculptors, and photographers:  Greeting cards from Fine Art America. 

Even easier: browse the Louis R Nugent gallery at Fine Art America.  Choose from 250+ unique ideas for home and office decor or holiday and birthday cards for yourself or a special someone who deserves something extraordinary.  Individual cards cost less than $5.  Wall prints from $22.
Untitled (Rectangular Patterns for Lucy's Diamond Sky)

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Fine Art America now features painting, drawings, and photographs by twenty artists who celebrate the majestic and uncompromising landscapes, settlements, people, plants, and animals of West Texas.  Featured this week:

Fine Arts America now features  work celebrating the mysterious and lovely Bayou State of Louisiana and its unique lifestyle:


Note: All photographs for this essay were located through Google Images or Wikipedia, without authoritative source or ownership information except as noted: none.

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