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LRNArts Blog is taking a long-awaited holiday vacation but will return January 11, 2013, barring any delays in travel...

Greeting Card, Anonymous, circa 1925

Many thanks to my readers for their continuing support.  As of this writing, the blog has attracted visitors from over 90 nations.  This response has made the work which goes into the blog a labor of love...


Come January, we shall continue our explorations of art, pop culture, history, science...


We end the year with some photographs of the dry country in which I live.  My hope is that you enjoy them.  It is a hard land but is filled with beauty for those who take time to explore it...


And my prayer is that the year 2013 of the Common Era brings for each of you and all those whom you love, gifts of peace, love, health, prosperity, wisdom, and joy...

Phyrne Before The Judges, Albert Wein, 1948


One very easy and inexpensive way to build a collection of work by some of today's finest painters, sculptors, and photographers:  Greeting cards from Fine Art America. 

Even easier: browse the Louis Nugent gallery at Fine Art America.  Choose from 250+ unique ideas for home and office decor or holiday and birthday cards for yourself or a special someone who deserves something extraordinary.  Individual cards cost less than $5.  Wall prints from $22.

Almost, Louis Nugent

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Fine Art America now features painting, drawings, and photographs by 17 artists who celebrate the majestic and uncompromising landscapes, settlements, people, plants, and animals of West Texas.  Featured this week:


Fine Arts America now features  work celebrating the mysterious and lovely Bayou State of Louisiana and its unique lifestyle:


Note: All photographs for this essay were located through Google Images or Wikipedia, without authoritative source or ownership information except as noted:  Anonymous Greeting Card, circa 1925, from Art Deco Graphics by Patricia Frantz Kery, New York, 2002.  Phryne Before The Judges by Albert Wein from All other photography by Louis R Nugent.

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