Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

 *** Note:  This edition appears early due to holiday commitments.***

My readers stateside celebrate Thanksgiving this week.  For readers overseas who are unfamiliar with the tradition, the holiday has its roots in a 1621 celebration by colonists at Plymouth, Massachusetts who wished to give thanks to Providence while enjoying a bountiful harvest...

Michael Flood: Three Trees at Sunset
Steve Bailey: Desert Outlook

We Americans tend to rush ourselves at this unofficial beginning of the winter's season holidays celebrating the gradual return of the sun, the birth of prophets, and miracles in the face of oppression... 

Ashley Mann: The Old Window
Chandra Henne: Casa Grande From Behind
Linda Cox: Midnight In The Garden

This week, I hope to share a few minutes of your time with a visit to a group of painters and photographers... 

Jason Tricktop Matthews: Trooper 2
Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas: The Moon, The Mountains, Cacti, A Cat

Each belongs to the West Texas group of Fine Art America (http://fineartamerica.com/), a group I am privileged to host...

Paula Loftin: The Cowboy
Karen Slagle: The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God
Ken Brown Pioneer: Oil Boom or Bust

These images have been selected from the West Texas group itself and portfolios of the artists.  My sole regret in offering them to you for your perusal is that they just hint at the variety of work created by each group member... 

Suzanne Guirard Theis: The Plains of Texas
Judi Bagwell: Jubilance
Karen Boudreaux: Courthouse Roof Silhouette 1

Feel free to take a break from holiday hustle and bustle by following the link to the group in The Marketplace section below... 

Joe Jake Pratt: The Ascension
David Pike: Windmill at Dust

Happy Holidays!  Next week we turn our attention once again to the gods and the artists who help us enjoy their myths...   


Louis Nugent: Agave lechuguilla with Opuntia engelmanni


One very easy and inexpensive way to build a collection of work by some of today's finest painters, sculptors, and photographers:  Greeting cards from Fine Art America. 

Even easier: browse the Louis Nugent gallery at Fine Art America.  Choose from 250+ unique ideas for home and office decor or holiday and birthday cards for yourself or a special someone who deserves something extraordinary.  Individual cards cost less than $5.  Wall prints from $22.


Louis Nugent: The Bluff
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Fine Art America now features painting, drawings, and photographs by sixteen artists who celebrate the majestic and uncompromising landscapes, settlements, people, plants, and animals of West Texas.


Fine Arts America now features  work celebrating the mysterious and lovely Bayou State of Louisiana and its unique lifestyle:




Note: All photographs for this essay were located through Google Images or Wikipedia, without authoritative source or ownership information except as noted: all images from the Fine Art America portfolios of Michael Flood, Steve Bailey, Ashley Mann, Chandra Henne, Jason Tricktop Matthews, Jeniffer Stapher-Thomas, Paula Loftin, Karen Slagle, Linda Cox, Suzanne Guirard Theis, Judi Bagwell, Karen Boudreaux, Joe Jake Pratt, David Pratt, Ken Brown Pioneer, and Louis R Nugent.  All images remain property of the individual artists listed above and are used here solely to familiarize readers of this blog with their work.     

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