Monday, December 19, 2011

Cactus Pads

Caliche and Desert Grasses

Grape Creek
Three from the Gallery...

Note: All images copyrighted by Louis R Nugent. Two of these experiments in light and color have appeared as "Pictures of the Day" on my Facebook account.


  1. I enjoyed these photos when you posted them earlier. I also loved your space abduction story. I don't mention this to many folks...but do you remember ever seeing the movie "fire in the sky"? It was about a guy in AZ that was abducted. Well...that really is a true story. Now bear with me....but Mike (the friend that got left behind)..that character is based on my aunt's first husbands brother. Took place in the White Mt. Arizona...where all my mom's relatives live. I heard that story when I was really little, then when they made that movie...well...I'm a believer !! :)

  2. Pat, I did see "Fire In The Sky" and I'm not one to doubt the reality of UFOs or abduction phenomena simply because too many credible people have had experiences that can't readily be explained. The White Mountain story is one of those that has an odd and frightening ring of truth to it. I don't have any personal theories as to exactly what is happening but I do wish the scientific community as a whole would be more open to studying these odd events. Even the skeptical Condon committee wasn't able to dismiss a number of UFO reports (such as the McMinnville Oregon sighting by Paul Trent and his wife). To my way of thinking, a single unexplained incident that may involve a manufactured object of unknown origin where that object performs in a way beyond our current technological limits IS worthy of more than cursory attention.